anitalk is a free-to-use website for Japanese learners.

We offer short lessons on Japanese conversation in the form of a story. These lessons allow users to have a realistic experience of what it would be like to interact in Japan as new words and phrases are introduced within the story.

Character dialogue is written in Japanese with an English translation below it for learning purposes. Readings for new kanji are viewable by hovering over each word, as well as some extra tips on Japanese culture.

A mini quiz is available after each part of the story to help users remember what they heard from the characters’ conversation. Scores from these quizzes can be a great way to track individual study progress. Users can also help one another via the Discussion page.

As free conversation practice is also important for learning a language, we also have a Talk page where users can use the Japanese words and phrases they’ve learned to interact with a character in real time. With this feature, you can take things at your own pace and prepare yourself for possible future interactions.

Click on the Help button on each page for further details on the site’s features.

Experience life in Japan by playing through the lessons, level up your Japanese skill, and have fun!

We recommend using Google Chrome to access our website for optimal performance.